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I'm sorry that you had a terrible time with Street Fighter 5. I never said that it was one of the best games, but that it's not a bad game. There are far worse games that function as this game does, but the gameplay is actually pretty good. If only it wasn't wrapped up in all of Capcom's bullcrap, it would have been better recieved by the general gaming audience and fighting game fans.

I mentioned home console, which is the machine you have on your tv. It's usually the big one with all of the power, and what many big publishers and developers have focused on for decades. The handhelds are, in my eyes, less important to those companies. Usually they're never the main focus when it comes to the big released, and rarely do they ever provide the same experiences that the home consoles offer. I'm not saying that handheld games can't be as entertaining, but when there's multi-platform releases, the lesser-powered handhelds are usually the ones that suffer a great deal in quality and content.

The Switch is in a place where it's just capable enough to get a downgraded version of today's big games, but still not powerful enough to be relevant in the eyes of most big companies working on their top games. This won't change until stops thinking their their own video game world, like Apple for computers and other electronic devices.

I mentioned Tekken, Dead or Alive, and Soul Calibur, because they're on other platforms, but aren't coming to the Switch.. and probably never will. Smash is exclusive to the Switch, but Dragon Ball FightersZ (a late port - Switch, PS4, XBOne, & PC) and SNK Heroines (Switch & PS4) are also on other consoles.

Online-only games are on the Switch and everything else, so I guess they all "fit". There shouldn't be any excuses as to why many of these games aren't on there except the developer/publisher doesn't care about the Switch.

I wasn't naming every Western-style RPG made, but I can imaging that there are tons more on Microsoft and/or Sony consoles than probably on all Nintendo consoles and hendhelds combined (I know that PC is where many of them have been exclusively for decades, but I'm talking about console support). Diablo is a good example of a game that can work on the Switch. If you list any more western rpgs, it'll mostly be indie games, because, like I've said from the start, indies make up almost all of the Switch's library of over 1200 games (besides ports of old games). Is that not a fact?