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Out the top of my head, Final Fantasy of course, and that's the main influence there with Octopath obviously. Dragon Quest, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Wild Arms... they all suffer from some of these issues to some degree.

Now of course, there has always been some other games that change things up because they're aiming for another flow and another type of experience, or because they want to evolve the formula. Star Ocean and Tales of did that thanks to visible enemies and an interesting battle system. Crono thanks to visual presentation mainly because a lot of the visible enemies in Crono are mandatory anyway, so it's mainly a visual difference there. Ys, Zelda, Seiken Densetsu just flat out got rid of turn-based, Valkyrie Profile made dungeon crawling actually interesting, Lunar had visible enemies and Grandia had that plus an incredible battle system.

Then later there was stuff that went even further, like Shadow Hearts which is incredible, Skies of Arcadia and even the classic series that were guilty of these practices started to feel that they could no longer work the way they did and DQ started having visible enemies at least, and Final Fantasy went super far with XII (my favorite), XIII which was super arcadey and XV which was pretty much Kingdom Hearts battle system. So it's hard to find an excuse for games nowadays to rely on stuff like that because nostalgia, when even the most backward thinking of these series have taken several steps in the right direction.

And also anyway, Baten Kaitos pretty much nailed classic rpg on every level, so they even already have examples of the classic formula evolved and perfected. ^^