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Why do you care so much that people don’t care or don’t think here is a timeline?

I’d argue there isn’t a timeline but rather continuity between certain groups of games.

Zelda 1 and Zelda 2.
Windwaker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.
Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask

There’s continuity between those groups and that is by design and intended, but in isolation, with zero link (pardon the pun) between Windwaker and Ocarina for example.

What isn’t by design and never intended, and this story is more evidence of that, is that there is a planned overall timeline. It was retroactively created and created poorly with mistakes and contradictions.

what's dumb is ignoring painfully obvious connections that the games have to try and paint this FORCED narrative that the game don't connect, when ALMOST ALL OF THEM were made as either a prequel or sequel.

It’s about as concrete as a timeline between Mario games. Guess we’d have to have a split timeline there too since SMB2 outside of Japan was really Doki Doki Panic.


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