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Mon Aug 06 18 06:42pm
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Uh... no, that's not what I'm saying at all. In fact, I specifically said that FSA was designed to be, as you put it, a "midquel", and Capcom having made the Oracles games has nothing to do with anything.

I guess you didn't want to read all that text, but the relevant parts are that Link's Awakening was designed as a sequel to ALttP (the final nightmare assumes the form of Agahnim, alongside other hints), and the Oracle games were designed to feature a completely new Link and Zelda (you see them meet for the first time within the games). Regardless of whose decision it was, Nintendo stood by the decision enough to allow not only Capcom to portray this as a new Link, but for Akira Himekawa to do the same in the official Oracle of Ages/Seasons manga.

There are gameplay things that you can argue suggest the games take place before Link's Awakening, like the inclusion of Blaino, but you could say the same thing about connections to Majora's Mask. In the end, for timeline placement, canonical story elements trump things like throwaway character cameos.