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Ehh...every single time the timeline is brought up this same type of response gets thrown out, that Nintendo pieced it altogether in 2011. Look, practically every mainline game that's come out has had a "timeline" placement right after it came out. In short, or rather long sorry:

TLoZ -> AoL (direct sequel)
ALttP (stated at the time to be a prequel to TLoZ)
LA (stated at the time to be a sequel to ALttP)
OOT (designed initially to be the backstory of ALttP, this was known at the time, and that's why the game is Ganon's origin story)
MM (direct sequel)
FS (no in game timeline evidence, but a placement at the time. Stated to be the "earliest game")
OOX (no real placement at the time or really a strong in-game placement)
WW (direct sequel to OOT, timeline placement explained at the time TP released. Makes abundant references to OOT)
MC (Not a strong in game timeline placement, but a placement from Nintendo at the time)
FSA (timeline placement made at the time of release)
TP (less obvious but still blatant references to OOT, timeline placement made at the time of release. Stated to happen "parallel to WW." Split timeline was revealed at the time.)
PH (direct sequel to WW)
ST (direct sequel to PH)
SS (prequel to everything)
ALBW (sequel to ALttP)
TFH (direct sequel to ALBW)
BOTW (sequel to everything, strong inclination towards the downfall timeline and plenty of in-game references to the adult half of OOT)

So we have, just from the games and Nintendo before Hyrule Historia:


With FSA having to be somewhere where Hyrule is still alive and not underwater, and OOX having to be somewhere where Hyrule is still alive, the Triforce is present, Ganondorf is present as well as Twinrova, and Hyrule isn't the Great Sea.

Thus, all you had to do when making HH was piece these chunks together. That's officially not "coming up with the timeline retroactively," nor is it "making it up on the spot," it's developing an overarching story across the time span of thirty plus years. Therefore, believing the timeline is made up is ignoring blatant fact and clear telling sign that you either know very little about the series or are simply exaggerating.