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There’s continuity between those groups and that is by design and intended, but in isolation, with zero link (pardon the pun) between Windwaker and Ocarina for example.
Er have you even played Wind Waker? The game's opening narration literally recounts the plot of Ocarina. They then make several references over the course of the game to the Hero of Time (referring directly to the one in OoT and MM). When Wind Waker Link gets to Hyrule Castle he sees stained glass windows specifically depicting the six sages from OoT and Zelda and Link battling Ganon in the same form that he took for OoT's final boss fight. The Great Flood is mentioned as being the result of Ganon escaping from the Sacred Realm (which was the exact place where he wound up at the end of OoT).

It's a pretty clearcut continuation of the previous game's story.

Guess we’d have to have a split timeline there too since SMB2 outside of Japan was really Doki Doki Panic.
That's just Mario having a dream. The real split in the Mario timeline is at the end of Mario Galaxy when Bowser accidentally destroys the universe and Rosalina does a cosmic restart that leads into Galaxy 2.

Or whenever Mario uses the double cherries in 3D World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRozarc1kSo


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