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I own both a Switch and PS4. I won't lie I do play Switch more and the few multiplats that come to Switch, I get on Switch because I like the portable nature and I like the joycons more than the dual shock.

I only have a few games on my PS4. I'm getting Spider-Man for sure that game looks fantastic. Last game I got before that was God of War and while I enjoyed what I played of it and got a little past half way. I just got bored of it and personally I much prefer the old gameplay style than this new Dark Souls/Bloodborne esque play style. The only other PS4 games I own are Uncharted 4, Lost Legacy, Batman Arkham Knight, and Resident Evil 7. All great/fun games but once I beat a single player game I'm done with it. So in total I own about 10 PS4 games (if im counting Street Fighter V, Black Ops 3, NBA 2K18, and Tekken 7 which are all my brothers) compared to my 53 game Switch collection.


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