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Still surprise that people want to buy old games that they have played for the most part instead of new games.

But it must be based on the same mind set as Why people like to listen to their favorite music or watch their favorite movies over and over again

But I can do both with services like Spotify or Netflix for prices of one movie/album a month which make me listen/watch new things too, for they don’t cost me any extra

The best way to do this is of course to let people choose to pay extra if they want to keep something forever, which is what Xbox Game Pass let people do, they can play the ”Free” game and if they like it they can buy it for a discount and keep it forever

Let’s hope Nintendo do the same here, but it doesn’t sound like that yet. But honestly, if I really want to own a game/movie/music, I want it physical and not digital only, so I would say that the few VC game I have on my Wii U/3DS, I don’t really own those, I just rent them