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3) They are overly critical because they desperately want Nintendo to succeed.

I don't visit this site just to troll Nintendo and never give them credit for anything, but I think I know who you specifically had in mind when you posted this thread. But I think I could also fit into this category.

Nintendo is my favorite of the 3 and I definitely want them to succeed and they're doing great with the Switch, but they make some really stupid decisions (all three companies are guilty of that for sure, but with Nintendo they seem to repeat the "one step forward, two steps back routine too much). I'm sorry, but you can't in a million, billion, trillion years convince me that requiring the stupid mobile app for something as simple as voice chat was a good idea.

Often these people are fans of at least one of Nintendo's competitors.

Nothing wrong with that. We are well past the era where you could have access to the greatest games of the year by only owning a Nintendo system (and before you say Switch had Zelda and Mario Odyssey last year, there were way more great games worth playing in 2017 than just that, but you wouldn't know it if you only buy Nintendo consoles). Now you need the Nintendo system on the side of a gaming PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


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