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Mon Sep 03 18 07:39pm
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I think it's unlikely that you would fit into the category of people I was trying to describe.

Reason 1:

Nintendo is my favorite of the 3

I think this alone suggests that you would regularly post positive comments about Nintendo. I could be wrong, but I doubt your posting ratio of criticism to praise is 20:1, or even close to that. But there are some people who have a 20:1 ratio or even higher.

Reason 2:

they're doing great with the Switch

There's a positive comment right there. I doubt those with an overtly critical agenda would write that.

And yea, I see no issue with being a fan of Sony and/or MS and Nintendo. The situation I was trying to describe is one where a person is a fan of Sony and/or MS and NOT Nintendo. There's nothing inherently wrong with someone not liking Nintendo. However, if a person like this is consistently criticizing Nintendo because they want them to be more like Sony and/or MS, that could lead to the scenario I described in the original post.


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