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Really!? Damn thank god! 95% of the time I wouldn't reply to him but he was too Buzzkillington for me. Everytime I would see a post of his I would either roll my eyes, laugh my ass off at his stupidity, and sometimes agree with some of his points/arguments but be immediately taken aback about how he presented them through text.

I was also browsing a comments section on Nintendo Life and found out he use to be over there as well and was just as infamous as a poster said "Please don't be the next Sigleach we don't need another one of those" and I immediately laughed. Now that he's been banned (I presume) I wonder what Nintendo site he plans on harassing next.

The best thing about Sigleach is that we turned one his Smash Bros. Ultimate quotes into a meme and I would laugh everytime someone copy/pasted it into another Smash Ultimate article.


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