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Thu Sep 06 18 11:31pm
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oh god no

if they wanted to port FF Mobile games, they could have done the perfectly fine ports of I-IV and VII-IX, with VII and IX having improved QOL features that even make those the best versions of the games. Why on earth would they port this ugly mess over? It just reminds me of how we got the kiddy looking Crystal Chronicles over X or X-2 and the sequel to that over XII, and feels more like an unintentional insult over anything else... I think folks would much prefer if this game looked sprite-based if they wanted to scale things back for obvious reasons rather than this...

Heck, some folks say the Bravely Series looks childish but the character models in that game look waaaaaay better than this so I don't even know what happened. The wait for a real FF game playable on Nintendo home systems continues 24 years later (even though the Switch is technically a handheld, I still think it would count... Besides, even then that's no excuse since the GBA got four FFs and the DS got two ground up remakes.)


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