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Sat Sep 08 18 11:00am
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1) They want attention.
no - they need to be heard. The fact that some people go nuts over anything different speaks volumes on them rather than those who criticize.

2) They are being paid to do it.
could be! sony are spending a ton of cash on "marketing" so you never know. chances are slim though.

3) They are overly critical because they desperately want Nintendo to succeed.
they see that nintendo are making dumb moves severely tarnishing their momentum/potential/penetration to its core audience etc

1) Challenge them.
best option because democracy. you need facts though not the "you disagree YOU need to provide facts while the supporters simply state what they will and they are good

2) Ignore/block them.
3) Request the implementation of a ban policy that targets these people specifically.

as I said something about democracy...

oh and another thing. 8/10 the "rebuttals" are targeted at the user and NOT the comment itself. Crap like "you are funny" and "i am not going to watch an entire video to prove your point" along with personal insults are the order of the day. Double standards much?


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