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Sat Sep 08 18 02:27pm
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I tend to be negative often myself but that comes from a place of being burned to many times. And that's not always exclusive to Nintendo. I don't like rewarding mediocrity or bad quality products with praise in the vain hope it will make it any less rubbish when instead it has the real possibility of saying to them "this is acceptable".
No matter how harsh I can get sometimes, it comes from a place of honesty and frankly I encourage that for the most part. If only for the sake of a mental health perspective. Versus putting on a brave face.

Though despite all of this I do feel it's important to take the time out to reasonably express your opinions. If you are comfortable just saying "x sucks" or making a presumptuous jab at something (be it aimed at a person or product or another opinion) and leave it at that then frankly, I have no time for you. You can crawl back to your hole and stay there.
If you have something to say, say it. Explain and own it, otherwise you're just an attention-seeking child. And I feel especially embarrassed for you if you're of a young adult age.

And the best part is when you've expressed your opinion long enough you'll likely get tired of it so you won't always be compelled to chime in because you've been through it so often. Ergo, less negativity.

(And also one last thing. Just because someone is predominantly negative don't assume they hate everything. They probably think the world of many many other things or elements of a product etc. It's just easier to express a negative opinion than a positive one. I guess it's just easier and more cleansing to vent.)


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