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I’m sure they will add at least SNES games to the selection some day in the unknowable future. It’s just that we can’t know for sure because Nintendo isn’t promising anything until they’re absolutely sure (they have been in the habit of releasing info on things close to launch). And that leaves the customer feeling unsure.

I agree with everyone’s feelings, that since we already got and bought these games before, that we should have had them available on the Switch as well, since that would be awesome! Most probably just want plain emulation without extra features like online and having to wait because of those superfluous additions feels unfair.

I think a Virtual Console with a huge choice of merely emulated platforms and games with game-by-game purchases in addition to this subscription based online collection would satisfy most.

(Though Sony seems to do a bunch of things better, but I doubt I could transfer my entire PS1 Classics collection from my PS3 to the PS4 either?)


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