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Fri Sep 14 18 10:22pm
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I just hope these last 3 are 1st party characters. I don't really see anymore 3rd party characters getting in the base game without them feeling forced. Like all the classic 3rd party characters are there. Adding someone like Crash, Rayman, Doom Guy, Spyro, or Sora feels like a stretch to me. They aren't on the same level as Pac-Man, Simon Belmont, Sonic, Mega Man, Ryu, Cloud, etc. to me.

While I can't complain about this roster AT ALL I would be bummed if the 1st party reveals are finished. Dixie Kong (this one especially), Bandana Dee, Captain Toad, Gen 7 Pokemon (think is a given), Elma or Rex, Spring-Man, Issac, Chibi-Robo, Chorus Kids, Skull Kid, Paper Mario, Impa, Medusa, etc. Still a few more Nintendo characters to mine IMO.


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