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Sigi - A Fart for Melusina on Nintendo Switch.

It was cheap ($5) and it has fart in the title, so I bought it without even looking up any reviews or anything. What I got was a 2D platformer that mixes a little from Ghosts 'n Goblins, Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country to kind of hide the overall generic-ness of it.

I beat it in one 45 minute session and on top of that it was very easy with no way to change the difficulty level or anything. The whole time I was going through it, I was thinking to myself "man this is pretty easy so far, it must just be because I'm still on World 1". Well, there is no World 2. The map you get at the start with those 20 levels is all there is. Also, I thought farts would play a bigger role in the game, but it's mostly just saved for when you beat a level, the character farts and then walks off-screen. The game is $3 on Steam, for that price it's a little better for what little content is actually offered. Really the gameplay itself is not bad, my main complaint is how short it is. For that reason alone I kind of regret the purchase.


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