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People aren't ONLY complaining about 30 year old games that many of those listed above simply aren't that fun to play anymore. They're complaining because the ACTUAL online service is lacking SEVERELY. Where's on system voice chat, messaging system, Twitch support, cross game chat, party chat, achievement system, internet browser, multimedia apps besides just Hulu, dedicated servers, cloud saves for ALL software, system themes, instagram support for screenshot/video capture sharing, being able to search for friends using usernames and not friend codes, etc.

THAT'S why myself and others are complaining about this lackluster online service that Nintendo delayed by two years and originally promised both SNES games part of the service (which hold up MUCH better by todays standards than lame NES games do), and special offers which Nintendo is STILL refusing to talk about damn near 2 years in. Yes you can throw up the "BUT IT'Z ONLY $20 A YEAR!" spiel to me. But TO ME even at $20 a year this "service" holds absolutely no value! Yes don't get it twisted I'm gonna buy it but only because of Smash Bros. Which Nintendo knows Smash would be the only reason people would buy this lame excuse for an online service which is why they delayed it by 2 years. I'm sorry but if we got even HALF of what PSN/Xbox Live users get with their online subscriptions I would've GLADLY payed more for their service instead of reluctantly bitter about paying it only because of Smash. Hell it's a shame when the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U had WAYY better online and more features than the Switch does in 2018 and it was FREE!


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