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Sun Sep 16 18 05:39pm
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Well, the one thing I complain about is not owning the games. On Wii and Wii U, I can play the NES games I've bought even in 50 years, even if Nintendo goes bankrupt or whatever. With the Switch's system, I can play them exactly as long as the system is profitable for Nintendo. One day, they'll just pull the plug, and all games are gone, and my personal saves, records and other data with them.

Of course there are other means of getting to own the games I want (even if this means hunting down actual carts), but still: Just as Netflix has it's streaming-only, not-on-BR exclusives, Nintendo might just have exclusive content distributed this way one day. Just look at what is already happening with RE7 or Assassin's Creed. And just like more than 20 years ago with the SatellaView system, we will see more and more volatile content that will simply disappear one day.

Of course, this is what the majority of consumers actually wants, and yes, something about buying physical media seems odd and old fashioned these days. But still: I don't like where all of this is heading.


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