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a $20 price point doesn't excuse shit quality. It could be $3 a year for all we know and it would still not be a good service in the slightest. It's actually pretty embarrassing that there's no way to text chat or communicate with your Switch friends in any other way besides the voice chat option, when you could text chat via Miiverse on Wii U, day one.

Not to mention the fact you can't even keep the NES games due to them only being linked to the subscription (while PS Plus lets you buy the games for good if you so prefer) so if they add Tetris to the service, I better make sure I can play it for as long as possible since knowing the Tetris company, the rights could go bye bye at any moment, and there's no download list or thing to leave on my system to save it like GB Tetris on my 3DS, which is still kicking.


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