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Knowing how Japanese users are actually in strong support of this service and how Nintendo seems to only care about Japanese people for some things like this... I'm sadly in the belief they'll not give AC cloud saves and will get away with it. Even though there's zero damn excuse for them to at least design that game with some sort of backup in mind since it's months away. If they actually listened to NOA/NOE and people in those regions, I think they would learn that there's so, so many ways they could make this a better system.

Heck, part of me suspects that hopefully the cloud save addition was done because people in the west really, really wanted some form of a backup system. I don't know if Japanese people would be as worried about backups due to the local nature of the system and how much easier it is to communicate and play locally there, but if they delayed it a year just for cloud saves, then I hope they'll be able to implement other much needed additions because of western feedback.


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