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You can buy Library Books in certain libraries. You can buy Sirius XM songs since all the ones they get are in print. Same with most Netflix movies save for exclusive. (but even some like Stranger Things get DVD/BR releases sooner or later)

The major difference with NES games comes from that they aren't in print anymore and there's no modern way to buy a new copy or download them to another system. Outside of the ones done to death like SMB1 and LOZ which are on Wii U/3DS, games like Pro Wrestling or Twinbee have never seen a US release in their original NES forms in 30 years, and in Twinbee's case you only have the 3D Classics version. Unlike digital only games, where you can still keep the games on your systems even after servers go down if you never delete them, a subscription service reliant on the service will one day end and unless they somehow let you buy your favorites to keep, then this is pretty much an awful way to go.

Just because it's like Netflix doesn't mean it's a good idea, since again, with NF I can typically buy most of the stuff I see if I really like it. There are some unfortunate exceptions, same with Amazon/iTunes. Lots of Disney Shows are only on those services but you can't buy them on a DVD, which is beyond infuriating for shows like Code Lyoko I liked so much growing up. They do try to make this better by having DVD-R prints for niche programs, but even those will eventually be unavailable to buy. (although they do at least exist.)

In a way, you could kinda say the NES/SNES Classics are another form of this DVD-R method, where they find a way to rerelease obscure old things in a physical format that isn't the same as the device you played it on years ago. Same for gaming compilations, which is why companies like Digital Eclipse are doing a good job in putting games like Crystalis and Mega Man in circulation again. A game like Pro Wrestling or Twinbee being doomed to an online only service is something I can't get behind. Time will tell if Nintendo will maybe do a good alternate and have a "best of" series where you can buy select games on a compilation to keep forever, but I really do miss the older form of VC, and so do others. The sub service would be 100% fine with me if you could pay the standard $5 to keep your absolute favorites forever and have the others be for the sake of sampling or playing if you aren't really in love with any of them.


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