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The people defending this "service" are freaking delusional. lol Nothing you say can justify this lousy excuse for an online service when Nintendo THEMSELVES not even comparing to Microsoft/Sony have done it better in the past for FREE. I wouldn't even be complaining about the $20 a year if Nintendo gave us the stuff they've ALREADY shown they were capable of giving us in the past!

Yes people who are defending this YOU are in the minority. Every site you go to the comments are mostly negative, EVERY major Nintendo youtuber has made a video on how lame and lackluster this service is. The like/dislike ratio on the official trailer video on youtube is 17,000 dislikes to 5,000 likes. I haven't seen that much negativity on a youtube video of Nintendo's since the days of Federation Force. This is my last post in here about this subject as I feel the few of you in here defending it are taking crazy pills.

Good to know most of you in here actually have some sense (looking at my comment with the most upvotes).


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