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I actually think they handled the use of video game characters well in the first one. Just enough recognizable characters that you know it's clearly a "video game world", but they focus on original characters that aren't already known by the audience. Also, we can't really know for sure what is explored in the movie based on promotional art and trailers alone. While I'm certain the movie will involve the Internet, and probably a few nods to the actual Internet, the story itself could end up being something entirely different. I'd expect more things like... ending up in MMO worlds or something, rather than say, "dropbox and candy crush".

Anyway, I have faith that Disney Animation Studios won't screw this one up, they've had a pretty good track record the last few years. If this were Sony Pictures Animation, or Illumination, I'd be worried. But this will be okay. Now, the Super Mario movie that Illumination is working on? Yeah... that's gonna be bad...


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