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Fri Sep 21 18 04:36pm
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I hope everyone finds new jobs, but I agree. Telltale's games tend to miss the point of the adventure game and a lot of recent problems in the genre seem to have been popularized by their work.

I loved their early stuff like Strong Bad and Monkey Island but after the first year or two the problem became that when they announced literally anything, anything at all, the entire world already knew what it would look like, how it would move, and how it would play. That's not great because their games looked stale, moved poorly and played strangely. They made twenty games that barely evolved. On top of that, they just started picking up properties that were popular or successful elsewhere rather than properties that fit their formula. I'll always stand by that if they were going into television, they should have made an Archer series before Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and whatever else was going on in the TV world.

I'm very sad we'll never get a Poker Night 3, though. I'd have liked to see Archer, Wheatley, and who knows who else they'd come up with. I get the idea Poker Night died because of their focus on television. As if they're gonna pay through the nose and jump through hoops of fire to get Game of Thrones and Walking Dead characters. Another reason they should have stuck to video games and more lighthearted material generally.