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Mario Party 5 had seven game boards, and that was over a decade ago... That, combined with mandatory gimmick controls (meaning no handheld mode play, despite the fact that they could have easily made a button minigame category and made that the only option in portable) doesn't give me much hope for this game. Megafruit and the Mine boards look great, but Whomp looks like a linear borefest. Hopefully that last board is nice, big and varied to make it fun. The Space level in Mario Party 5 was always my favorite.

Geez, and to think I thought they were on the right track due to the huge character roster... But it seems they put in more characters than boards or even minigames. (the fact we haven't heard of a concrete total, or at least the amount without shaking worries me) And where the hell did the Orbs go?


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