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Mainly virtual console type games. There's no reason as to why phones should be getting Game Boy games before the switch does. Sure, they have plenty available on the 3ds VC right now, but after the controversy over the NES game library I think it would be in poor taste to pull a move like that (Plus I want some of those games on my switch. Mario vs DK was surprisingly great and I need to finish the DKL trilogy). I don't have a smartphone, so I can't even use the dumb app or play Mario Run (I know you don't NEED a smartphone for that, but my phone can't handle it). I just want them to remember that they have a core audience on THEIR console. I want to play and do online related things on THE CONSOLE THAT I BOUGHT TO DO THOSE THINGS ON.

Come on, I want to play those games. Just give them to me and I'll pay you for them.


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