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I'd go with "Deflected" over "Rebutted". I've never agreed with "Don't judge a book by its cover". I knew that phrase was on its way and I didn't much care. It's a phrase spouted out right alongside "There's nothing more important than a first impression" and that one's accurate to how life goes. Presentation matters. People can pretend it doesn't with a snappy little Aesop moral, but it does. Appearances send a message. I prefer something more to the effect of "People will judge a book by its cover, so the cover needs to portray the content accurately".

The content could be solid but the cover keeps me from ever knowing. I admit up front that this could be unfair but that's how it goes. It's the same reaction gamers had when Bioshock Infinite and Doom put out "moody man with shotgun glares at you" covers that didn't represent the game, throwing away what made them special and going with what more people will look at. ICO is another great example. It's in everyone's best interest that your cover not betray what the content is actually all about.

The fact is Shovel Knight does look like it belongs next to a Dr. Seuss book. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. This group chose this game to write about then at the finish line they show everyone that they're too embarrassed by it to associate with it. That makes no sense to me. Even then there are ways to present the game the way they like if the're so embarrassed by color, like a pencil sketch of the character for instance. That's me, anyhow.