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ORAS was notorious for not being of the high quality of a remake as HGSS as instead of adding as much new stuff as they can to make the game memorable, they removed content instead (including a bunch of stuff from emerald) and lazily copied and pasted the Battle Maison from XY instead of the Battle Tower from RS. They didn't even give Frontier fans a bone, and that's not even counting how insultingly easy the game is compared to the original, EXP Share on or no. It was honestly the first game I was excited for which made me feel dead inside after 100%ing.

Sun and Moon were pretty good on the other hand, and him not being as involved might have had something to do with it. The only major problems is that it's not fun to replay due to no cutscene skip, and they removed the national dex for zero reason which thus causes content to be lost. Outside of parts of XY, ORAS and USUM (the latter for being deja vu of SM with nothing improved that needed it) Pokemon has had a decent track record, but most of the downs have been in recent years, hence why folks wanted new blood or at least the team that gave us the killer BW2


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