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Thu Nov 08 18 04:59pm
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My phone has so many passwords, browser info, and other bits related to the browser saved that I flat out don't feel like doing wifi at school unless it's absolutely needed. (I only did it for the Direct for SSB recently but immediately got off as soon as it was done and did nothing else with the connection) Switch doesn't really have anything on the browser front that could be compromised, because they don't even let you use the damn thing. But on the plus side, that makes it more easy for me to use in school. At home I'll always stick to my laptop, of course, but this is a good secondary with that bigger screen than my iPhone.

The only system I honestly felt that media apps were totally worthless on, was the 3DS. It had no reason to ever get a native youtube app because the thing couldn't handle it, and sure enough it came out on 3DS and was a horrendous crashing mess. The web browser wasn't much better with it on N3DS but at least it allowed for 3D Videos which made using the browser option worth it, but still really cumbersome. I also remember trying to watch episodes of Inuyasha on the tiny OG 3DS back in 2011, and it was really awkward to get used to that resolution (especially if i had to try reading subtitles)

Now that I think about it though, Nintendo talked about 3D full length movies at E3 2010 and then they flat out never happened except with some Disney ones in Japan. I'm still waiting for Rio 3D on 3DS, just for the heck of it (i think that was one of the things they announced as coming to the system?) but it's odd that 7 years into that system's life, and one of the major things they showed at the reveal isn't even a thing. Netflix 3D or Nintendo Video could have been a good alternative I guess but they never got around to making either of those good


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