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Fri Nov 09 18 01:51pm
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I honestly think this is the future of gaming and that's coming from someone who thought cloud gaming was nothing short of a gimmick less than 6 months ago.

I travel all the time for work and gaming is something that tends to really help hotel blues from setting in. For the longest time, I subsisted off of handheld gaming, then I upgraded to include a gaming laptop in the mix, but recently, I've found that the one thing I hate is I can't access the full breadth of my game collection without using a 17" behemoth or a bevy of external hard drives. About five months ago, I was playing around on my ipad, found a ps4 remote play app, installed it, set up my ps4 for remote play, and tried it over an LTE connection. I got surprisingly solid rates and pretty minimal latency and this made me think "man, this might be a viable deal". I then tried it out with the geforce now revision in my shield tablet k1 and git equally decent performance.

Fast forward less than half a year and I'm carrying a surface pro with 1tb of internal storage and a 400gb micro sd card which gives me enough room for a fair amount of games that run off integrated graphics well enough, a ton of rom backups of my physical games, and a fair selection of my favorite films. I coupled all of that with PS4 remote play, cajiggering my xbox one for remote play, psnow, geforce now, and vortex game streaming.

With my surface, my switch, and a netgear nighthawk portable hotspot in a small and managable sling bag, I have access to thousands of games from my collection almost anywhere in the country. Granted, I know I'm a small use case scenario, but as 5g starts rolling out, I'm convinced this is going to be the future.