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I got to admit, I barely bought any guide books this decade. In 2007-2011 they were my go-to thing to get with a new Pokemon or Zelda game, just to have everything easily accessible without going down to the basement to look something up. Nowadays it's so easy to do so on your phone that it's pretty useless. I still got two guides last year though, due to some good sales they had (The BOTW Deluxe guide for free with a promotion, and the SMO guide on Black Friday) and the SMO guide helped me 100% it much faster than having to pause the game to look at many differing videos, since that game is so big it's hard to pinpoint things.

But man, I STILL have their Pokemon DP 001-490 Poster from the Diamond and Pearl Pokedex guide they made, hung up behind my TV in the same spot it's always been since 2007. I may have hated when they got stuff wrong or did something dumb in their guides, but they had good posters and it's a nostalgic part of my childhood nevertheless. Are there even any other guide makers out there? Surely someone will take over for those who like an actual book to hold.