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Fri Nov 09 18 03:14pm
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If you can watch Netflix on two device simultaneously at 1080p then you could do cloud gaming. AWS has datacenters in close proximity to the majority of the western population (including Ireland), as long as you’re connecting to a server in your proximity lag and latency shouldn’t be problem.

I’m not sure where “the rest of the world” is but in many locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe you can easily get 24Mbps internet. The U.S does lag behind on average I know but every major city doesn’t.

My Boyfriend lives an hour north of Toronto and has 200Mbps, I live in the backass of Ireland and have 30Mbps (no data caps either) and we lag behind the average speeds seen in mainland Europe. If a game was being served from the AWS Ireland region I’d have no problems with performance.

Everyone seems to say Japan has super duper internet but based on these stats https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_Internet_connection_speeds their average isn’t that great and just a marginally better average the U.S.

The population outside major cities is likely bringing the average down for all countries, and that’s fair. Point is, Japan doesn’t have a better infrastructure. Compare the speed you can get in Kyoto and New York and they’ll be comparable and both more than sufficient for Cloud gaming at 60fps.

I expect cloud gaming to eventually become the de facto standard sooner than later. I don’t personally like that reality, but I’m not naive to it happening.