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Tue Nov 13 18 06:30pm
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It's that time of year again, Christmas is approaching, time to roll out the clown. Let's see what gems he has this time.

"Reggie reiterates that Smash Bros. Ultimate is a brand-new Smash game"

He's still peddling this nonsense and trying to convince everyone, even at this late stage. It's not a lazy port like most of the others but nor is it entirely new either. It's a continuation of the Wii U version, adding in content from previous games with a sprinkling of new fighters and features. It's not all rosy though, they removed Trophies and we still don't know if staples like Break the Targets or the Home Run Contest are still intact.

"Reggie says October, November, and December are critical to Nintendo hitting 20 million Switch units sold this fiscal year"

Well obviously. January to March are going to be low, especially by comparison.

"Reggie says third-party support on Switch has been quite strong"

Define "quite strong" Reggie, because that's not what I'm seeing.


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