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Wed Nov 14 18 03:14am
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The only nonsense being peddled is by the one person on the planet calling Smash Ultimate “an enhanced port”. The delusion is mind blowing. They decided to dig a hole months and months ago and rather than get out when it was shown, without doubt, that Smash for Switch was not an enhanced port of the Wii U game, they decided to keep digging but actually dig faster. (“Dig up stupid”)

As for third party support. It’s only not strong by their own personal preference of what is a third party. Remove all first party Nintendo games from the Switch library....what are you left with.....third party games. Hundred and hundreds of third party games. [UPDATE: today NoE tweeted that there are over 1000 games on Switch ] So again, delusion at its finest. Or maybe they’re just butthurt they bought a €300 paper weight while the rest of us just play games.