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Yes, that's exactly why ORAS and XY had awful postgames. Ohmori directed ORAS but Masuda was still the one who said that the BF and all the other stuff had to go. They even removed stuff from the middle of the actual game like the Game Corner, Pokeblock Minigame and Safari Zone for no good reason, and dumbing down contest difficulty is what enraged me the most since it ended up failing as an OG RS remake along with failing as a "best of" remake like HGSS was. I've never been so irrationally mad at a video game before I got all 720 pokemon in ORAS, and it's easily the Sonic 06 of the franchise to me and this game seems to follow their same stupid, insulting-to-kids mindset.

SM was a bit better and had a good post story and an excellent post-game facility, but the lack of a national dex infuriated me to no end. Praying that it's in Gen 8 more than anything else right now. I'm so glad Masuda's done as director after this but as long as he's still around in general I fear he may try to influence the newer games like he did with SM by adding shit like the Pokemon camera mode.

At least Kanto isn't something they can screw up as much as Hoenn and they are being more faithful to RBY than ORAS was to RS/E, it seems. (Too much so considering that the original game's lack of a post game is also here, instead of something cool like a pre GSC Johto, but I digress) Still, I'm not gonna get blind faith in Gen 8 until I see a damn national dex and some nice QOL stuff that fixes the few flaws SM had (low FPS in some areas, lack of grinding spots, no cutscene skip, and FINALLY making the game feel like something that won't be thrown away the next year like every game post BW2 has)


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