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Thanks for the explanation.

We'll see how this game performs, since it might split the fanbase if it succeeds. I mean, if they want a new section of that audience to buy the next game, I do wonder if some features will stay the same. (To be fair not all are bad changes, HM partner seems a worthwhile addition).

IMO and I may be wrong, the games from a distance don't seem to have appealing premises. Unlike other jrpgs, I've never felt Pokémon games tell cohesive stories. It always seem to stumble around several landmarks, gyms and the like to engage in a tournament at the end. Multiplayer looks intimidating since it seems like number crunching is key to build a good team.

All in all it seems to sell regardless of what they do. And I've never felt the fanbase in this case has influence over the fate of this IP. It's been so long I wonder if it'll have a game that breaks the camel's back.


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