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actually, Toei doesn't have to be involved at all.

Game Rights are with Bandai Namco (Bamco), the only people they have to get with them on board is Shueisha. The people who own "Weekly Shonen Jump" and Dragonball's publishing rights. Also Akira Toriyama's permission would be needed for a project like that. Bamco would say yes, Shueisha I feel would be on board with this as well. It's Toriyama who would be the wild card.

I personally would love Goku, but if Sakurai is blocking manga for real, then I'd be 100% ok with a Dragon Quest Hero, OR Crono as a rep from Square.

it gets us a Toriyama character without the fuss, and it's a game created piece.
Crono being the more "ideal" pick.


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