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This whole "children are different from when you & I grew up" argument that I constantly see people spew out is just disheartening and plain ol' stupid (not calling you stupid just sick of seeing this being touted as a positive) when said same people don't even interact with children daily. Children who constantly get frustrated with the simplest things and immediately give up obviously had some terrible child-rearing going on. Children on the most inquisitive and hard-working beings because that is how you develop and learn in this world. I work in Childcare and have for some years, children only do as much as you give them credit for and if you consistently underestimate their confidence with what you think they can't do, then they're believe said dumb words and underperform. I've constantly observed children doing things on adult skill levels that sometimes have me struggling to keep up with them with how well they've exceeded my expectations.
I seem to have gotten away from what matters, no this game isn't anything but insulting trash that dares call it a entry experience for children to take their first Pokémon adventure, when said kids had no issues with Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, friggin Kalos, and Alola!! They were accessible both through their learning the world and the gameplay, and how the game was tailored to take newbies & veterans on an adventure no advanced skills needed. I think co-op is the only reason I'ma play this thing, and is phenomenal for gamer parents to dive into with their kids but they could do oh so better. You also have a game that somehow manages to do less than what previous remakes that came out over a decade prior had, less features and content, and removes 6/7 of a PokéDex! Yes the game has some killer features, that were already in previous games or should've evolved with the franchise but didn't because Junichi Masuda is a fucking lazy sack of shit who nobody challenged due to the massive amounts of money he generates. Hop your way to R/Pokémon for sharper I sighted critiques.

If you wanna enjoy the game, have fun just tryna silence criticisms cause I'm the not the age for said product is insulting. Apologies for the rambling I'm super tired and had a rant. 💦💦


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