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I'm not underestimating a child's ability and you're right when you say "Children who constantly get frustrated with the simplest things and immediately give up obviously had some terrible child-rearing going on". But that just seems to be the case with many children I see now, from experience, I'm glad you've had a different experience, but obviously many parents don't give children the confidence they deserve, and it effects them in other ways. I think dumbing down an experience too much is not good for anyone, however I will say that the game is much less dumbed down than I originally thought.

You're obviously very against this game, and I'm not going to change your opinion, but when I say the game isn't marketed towards you is obviously the truth, you're not the target audience, and it was stated in the official press conference reveal that traditional Pokemon players might not enjoy this title, but they have another title ready for 2019 for those fans.

I'm not trying to silence criticisms as much as offer a different mindset. I have plenty of criticisms of Let's Go for various reasons, but I feel that most of the anger towards the game in general is overblown, and in fact about 80% of the criticism has false facts attached to it. I've seen rants that I agree with, I'm not Masuda's biggest fan but calling him a lazy sack is a bit far in my opinion.

I find the concept of only running into the first generation of Pokemon intriguing as this is almost 100% a remake of Yellow how it was back when original fans played it, and many of my friends are pretty interested in that. I'm much more excited for the 2019 title than this, and I'll have some strong words if they don't do some innovative things, but almost every impression I've heard from long time fans who have played the game is that it exceeded their expectations, and I'm looking forward to playing it later today Smile

Anyways, again, not trying to devalue you opinion, just countering with my own for perspective. Hope you have a good weekend.


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