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Ah if anytime you saw me say you statements I sorta was venting about the annoying people from Reddit I've been clashing with. From your perspective and following opinions I came to the conclusion that you were only stating things from your side sorta like playing Devils advocate and I appreciate that, nobody wants to do this when someone super negative about something they just want to shut them down. So to find someone who is cordial in the face of negativity and respond back in such a manner to promote side conversation it's a quality I've been sorely missing for so long over the Internets, so thank you very much for that. I was super excited following the rumors all the way back to February about how they were remaking Pokemon Yellow my favorite classic Pokemon game (does Pokemon Platinum count as classic? Naaaah I don't think it does I think it counts as modern I'm getting off track) but then when some dude went on a total leak bending streak and said that it was incorporating Pokémon GO mechanics and how Red and Blue weren't even in the game and that you had a whole different new Rival, I was like what even and then they went on to say that it was just a complete remake with nothing new, and then were were multitudes of rumors when this game about how that it was a complete whole new imagination of Kanto and how it was hundreds of years in the future so many mysteries about how the region was devastated and you were playing as the son / daughter of the survivors and all that I guess I finally fell victim to overhyped rumors and I just wanted it to be true. I'm not so much as mad that this game is not targeted to me and I am super not the target for it, I am overly mad at the fact that once again GameFreak takes the lazy as fuck route out and it's still going to generate a shit ton of Revenue going down Nostalgia Avenue for these people who aren't even true fans of Pokémon as they dipped out after day one once Pokemon stop catering to their overly critical stupid overblown wants. I really wanted to like the game, every reveal trailer I gave it a chance but I was let down by everything, until the reveal that they were tying in the Pokémon Special Adventures Manga. Was squealing mashing that replay button.

I'm happy that people are getting back into Pokemon, and that many people are getting to revisit their childhood and that much fun is being had. It just would have been neat that while casual people from all spectrums jumping into this adventure, that we true fans of Pokemon also got something to nibble on while waiting on the true experience next year. That's all I wanted, not setting up for a divided fanbase if this does get its own series down the road. 😔


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