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Like I said to the other guy, you might define it as humor (or mockery, which would is indeed more fitting) but humor isn't always funny, or good taste. In this case it's quite horrible humor if you want to define it as such. Whether you call it "genuine" or not.

It was simply bad taste. Regardless of whatever Musk did or how he behaves or sees himself. You can't justify your choice of "humor" by using his actions as an excuse. Even if you're convinced it deserves mockery it's still bad taste how you went about it. Hence my comment NOT funny.

The fact that you're now defending yourself with a whole argument about Musks character – nothing but a red herring – shows you don't even want to take responsibility for your own words. Even though you already had to excuse your "joke". Maybe just admit it was bad taste to joke about something like that, involving another name in that fiasco? I mean do you really not see the problem with what you said?