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I agree that it's reasonable not to expect perfection and tons of extra features from a collection that offers so many games for such a low price, but Sega really needs to be more careful when it comes to protecting the image and value of their brands.

I have not played this one so far, but i remember the PS360 collection which also had a ton of games at a low price, and it was easily noticeable that the emulation was a lot worse then what the Wii's Genesis VC offered.

If there are really still significant emulation problems with this version, i really think it would have been better to try to acheive better quality with something like 40 games at 40$.
Also, if there is really significant room for improvement for the emulation quality, they should not have wasted resources on creating that 3d kids room menu. It's a cute idea, but it shouldn't have been a priority.


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