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Joking about the implication that someone is a paedophile, indirect in this case is bad taste. It can be damaging even though it was meant as a joke. I understand you tried to be funny, but it was at the expense of the persons in your joke.
Just like the image of the diving expert was hurt for a large part not just directly by Musks tweet, but also indirectly by reports of musk calling him a paedophile (though of course Musk himself is responsible since it were his words).
In this case however, you can't shift the blame of your implications onto Musk because he didn't say what you wrote. You decided to write down those implications in order to make a joke. Calling someone a paedophile can be very damaging, even if it's a joke and even if it's a satirical reference to a real incident. As such it is bad taste. Even when you explain it's a joke.

I can't speak for the moderators but although it's bad taste, I'd also tolerate it after clarification. Not because I'm "completely fine with it". But because of freedom of speech and not taking all responsibility for a healthy forum away from the users.

Now, just because something is tolerated by mods doesn't mean you're immune from criticism. Especially if you use deflection, and sarcastic exaggerations like "my awful misdeeds" to ridicule the criticism and distract from it. Apparently you really didn't understand why I said your joke was bad taste – rather than an "awful misdeed". Maybe you do now.