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Tue Dec 04 18 04:12pm
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What's with the hand-wringing over a harmless joke? A number of people found it funny, and someone who didn't get it, asked about it and had the comment explained.

In your lecturing about what is and what isn't funny -- something you, as the site's self-appointed hall-monitor, apparently have the final word on -- you've completely misunderstood the original comment even after having it clarified multiple times.

The butt of the joke isn't Miyamoto, it's Musk and his shitty behavior. Miyamoto is basically irrelevant to the joke, as it could have been Reggie or Furukawa or whoever. How in the hell do you misread something that badly? And how in the world could it -- that is, a single comment on a fansite that's a joke about a widely reported incident, and which was clarified as thoroughly as possible and then some -- even potentially "damage" Miyamoto's reputation? I mean, given the density of the very person I'm responding to, it's theoretically possible, but fortunately, the number of people with some semblance of common sense far outnumber the not-so-bright busybodies on video game fansites, so whatever.