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I'm keeping my predictions pretty vague because there's so many factors that could affect who ends up being chosen, but I'm thinking something like this:

  • A Xenoblade 2 character. Maybe Lora, maybe Jin, maybe Mythra/Pyra... but not Rex, because it'd be weird to bundle the season pass with his Mii costume in that case - feels more like a consolation prize imo.
  • A Kirby character. Probably Bandana Dee but Magolor might have a shot as well.
  • A first party from a currently unrepresented series. Fingers crossed for Rhythm Heaven but could just as well be a retro character or even an "oddball" pick in the vein of Wii Fit Trainer.
  • (Or maybe the protagonist from The Last Story 2 if that rumor ends up being true, but that feels like a big "if" at this point.)
  • Someone from Dragon Quest. Erdrick seems like the obvious choice, being more or less the series' "Marth" and in many ways the archetypal JRPG hero. That said I think the protagonists from DQ4, 5 or 8 could also be possible, or even the DQ11 hero in order to promote that game.
  • Another third party... KOS-MOS, Lloyd
  • (or Yuri), Jibanyan, a Dark Souls character, someone from Persona... maybe even Geno. Who knows, but those are who I'd guess to be some of the top contenders.
    Whoever they pick I think they'll most likely be from a Japanese developer, as much as everyone else seems to expect a Microsoft char.

Even if I'm completely wrong I can't wait to find out who they are though! Hopefully they'll at least reveal the first one soon.


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