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Fri Dec 07 18 07:24am
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I'm in between here... I loved Persona 5 and think that Joker will make a unique character and am personally excited for him. I mean after the final SSBU reveals were Piranha Plant and my most hated Pokemon Incineroar it's nice to have something *I* like for once.

However... Also being a Nintendo fan and seeing franchises like Golden Sun cast aside again, I do feel annoyed that they keep on picking third party characters with very little basis on Nintendo platforms. Cloud was by far still worse than this, but still... They are directly advertising Persona 5 here (not Persona Q2, where Joker appeared on a Nintendo platform), a Playstation exclusive.

The amount of third party characters in Smash really needs to be limited and needs to be limited to characters who really make sense, like Sonic and Megaman. Having Cloud and Joker just does honestly feel like a slap to the face. Even though I really like Persona 5, I completely understand where people are coming from. I want Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros. It's sad to see so many Nintendo characters shafted for third party characters that are really advertising Playstation games.