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Fri Dec 07 18 07:51am
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"slap in the face"? Guys... It's a game. Stop acting personally affronted by a character choice.

I think it's an amazing pick, especially because of the exclusive nature of P5 (which I do hope comes to Switch).

The game awards last night had people from all over the industry and all over the world coming together to celebrate games. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all literally stood on stage together and spoke in a sign of industry unity so that we could all celebrate games and what joy they bring us.

And Smash has come to represent that too! It's a game that is respected and admired across the industry and when a 3rd party character is invited to be a part of the game, they consider it an honor despite their potential rivalry with Nintendo. Smash is a game that is like no other. It shouldn't be possible, and yet here it is.

Last night had a message of cross industry cooperation and unity despite our differences and rivalries. This announcement of a character, that apparently many feel isn't Nintendo enough to be considered before other characters, is a great example of extending an olive branch on occasion, and realizing that we all just love to play games.


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