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Fri Dec 07 18 09:48am
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Thank GOD someone is speaking like a rational person. It IS just a game, a game which is going to have 80 characters when it's said and done. What other companies besides Nintendo put so much thought and care in a game like Smash? No one, that's who. It's a love letter to Nintendo fans and the gaming industry in general. The amount of entitlement is staggering. I'm not bothered one bit by Joker's inclusion, even though I've never played a Persona game. It's silly to assume that the DLC slots won't be taken up by other Nintendo characters. I'm not sure why I'm even bothering to type this, it's going to fall on deaf ears anyway. Just enjoy the game people, it was a labor of love, Sakurai deserves all the respect he's earned for the amount of work he's poured into this series.


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