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You know man, your post made me realize why this is actually the most fair and useful dlc possible:

1. The character is new and it barely has anything to do with Nintendo: this make the inclusion AFTER the game initial launch make the most sense. While characters like Bandana Dee, Dixie Kong are highly requested, they could be included from day one. Instead, characters from upcoming games (Q2 and perhaps a port of P5) make the most sense after the launch.

2. The character is extremely niche, barely holds relevance to the common Switch owner and Smash player. This makes the inclusion as an optional DLC extremely insightful. Why release a character that EVERY smash player would want to use as optional DLC? Better delay the game and include it from the start. Instead, why delay the game to include Joker or say, Sub Zero, better wait until the games with them are close to the public, and even then, leave the chance to everyone else yo ignore the optional content.


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